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Decision Complaint Registrant Summary of Case Domain Names Order/
00067 Sam Ash Music Corporation LAMUSIC Summary samash.ca Transfer Granted / Yes
00066 Honest Ed's Limited Mr. Ernesto Imbrogno Summary honesteds.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00065 Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Akshay Khanna Summary aadac.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00064 Wrigley Canada Inc., represented by Lillian L. Camilleri of Cassan Maclean Brain Wave Holdings Inc., represented by Helen Yu of Beairsto Sabey Summary candystand.ca Transfer Granted / Yes
00063 Mead Johnson & Company Turvill Consultants NARD Summary buspar.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00062 Choice Hotels Internation, Inc. Mr. Daniel Montanbault Summary comfort-inn.ca Transfer Granted / Yes
00061 Choice Hotels Internation, Inc. and Choice Hotels Canada Inc. Daniel Cox Summary choice-hotels.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00060 011979 Alberta Inc. Hank Morin Summary shoppersdrugmart.ca  
00059 Globe Media International Corporation Dawn Internet Telephony Systems Inc. Summary forsale.ca Complaint Dismissed / No Response
00058 Allergan Inc. Hiebert Net Inc. Summary combigan.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00057 Caseware International Inc., c/o Mr Alan Charlton Mr John Lee Summary caseware.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00056 PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation Curtis Patey Summary pre-paidlegalservicesinc.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00055 The Co-operators Group Ltd. Artbravo Inc. Summary cooperator.ca Transfer Granted / Yes
00054 House of Blues Brands Corp. Artbravo Inc. Summary houseofblues.ca Transfer Granted / Yes
00053 RGIS Inventory Specialists AccuTrak Inventory Summary rgis.ca Transfer Granted / No Response
00048 The Toronto-Dominion Bank TM WatchDog Summary tdvisa.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00047 Internet Movie Database, Inc. 384128 Canada Inc. Summary imdb.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00046 The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada Hank Morin Summary standard-life.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00045 Priceline.com Incorporated Supriyo Malaker Summary priceline.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00044 Glaxo Group Ltd. Turvill Consultants NARD Summary advair.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00043 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Ebenezer Thevasagayam Summary enterprise.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00042 Canada Post Corpoation Macro Ferro Summary candapost.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00041 Clover Gifts, Inc. George Morrison, GM Consulting Services Summary airs.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00040 Lee Valley Tools Limited Pilford Ventures Inc. Summary leevalleytools.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00039 The Toro Company Pierre Hannon Summary toro.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00038 Bell Canada Archer Enterprises Summary bell.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00037 Google, Inc. Glynis Fraser Summary froogle.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00036 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited Canadian Model Trains Inc. Summary fordcanada.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00035 Six Continents Hotels, Inc. Virgin Enterprises Limited Summary crownplaza.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00034 Microsoft Corporation Redmond WA Microscience Corporation (P.E.I.) Summary msnsearch.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00033 Fresh Intellectual Properties Inc. Sweets and Treats Summary 1800flowers.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00032 Reitmans Canada Limited Pilford Ventures Inc. Summary additionelle.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00031 Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc. Summary nomoredebts.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00030 DRN Commerce Inc. REPO DEPO (TM), Park and Sell of Canada Limited Summary drn.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00029 Groupe Fortune 1000 inc. FRT Freight Services Inc. Summary frt.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00028 CanadaDrugs.com Partnership NC Britton Holdings Ltd. Summary canadadrugs.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00027 Sleep Country Canada Inc. Pilford Ventures Inc. Summary sleepcountry
Transfer Granted/ No Response
00026 Sotheby's (Canada) Inc. PII Technologies Inc. and Keith Lihou Summary sothebys.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00025 American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Dan J. Kapuscinski Summary amctheatres.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00024 ROW Limited Partnershp Pilford Ventures Inc. Summary cdplus.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00023 The Men's Warehouse Inc. Wade Traversy Summary menswarehouse.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00022 Seed Check Technologies Inc. Ron Mantyka Summary seedcheck.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00021 Franchizit Corporation 984308 Ontario Inc. Summary expressfit
Partial Transfer to the Complainant/ No Response
00020 Glaxo Group Limited Defining Presence Marketing Group Inc. (Manitoba) Summary zyban.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00019 Covercrete (Canada) Ltd. Epoxy Solutions Inc. Summary covercrete.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00018 AMAZON.COM Inc. David Abraham Summary amzon.ca
Transfer Granted/ No Response
00017 Independent Order of Foresters Noredu Enterprises Canada Inc., operating as Forester College of Technology Summary forestercollege.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00016 Diners Club International Ltd. Planet Explorer Inc. Summary diners-club.ca


Transfer Granted/ Yes
00015 Viacom International Inc. Harvey Ross Enterprises, Ltd. Summary mtv.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00014 Coca-Cola Ltd. Amos B. Hennan Summary cocacola.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00013 Acrobat Construction/ Enterprise Management Inc. 1550507 Ontario Inc. Summary acrobat.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00012 Government of Alberta, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada Advantico Internet Solutions Inc. Summary alberta
Transfer Granted/ No Response
00011 Government of Canada, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada David Bedford in his own name and doing business as Abundance Computer Consulting Summary government
Transfer Granted/ Yes
00010 Christian Houle Jean-Pierre Ranger International, Inc. Summary quebecreservation.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00009 Great Pacific Industries Inc. Ghalib Dhalla Summary saveonfoods.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00008 Trans Union LLC 1491070 Ontario Inc. Summary transunion.ca Transfer Denied/ No Response
00007 Air Products Canada Ltd. Index Quebec Inc. Summary airproducts.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00006 Canadian Broadcasting Corp. William Quon Summary radiocanada.ca Transfer Granted/ Yes
00005 Elysium Wealth Management Inc. Brian Driscoll Summary ceofunds.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00004 Cheap Tickets and Travel Inc. Emall.ca Inc. Summary cheaptickets.ca Transfer Denied/ Yes
00003 Biogen, Inc. Xcalibur Communication Summary biogen.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00002 Browne & Co. Ltd. Bluebird Industries Summary browneco.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response
00001 Red Robin International, Inc. Greg Tieu Summary redrobin.ca Transfer Granted/ No Response

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